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Ridgewood Shade Tree Commission.  The STC was re-established by approval of the Council in 2014.  Its purpose is to promote, preserve, protect and enhance Shade trees in the Village.  The goals include educating the community about the contributions Shade trees make to the Village environment and increasing the number of municipal trees planted by advising the Council on best arboricultural practices and advocating for funding of tree planting and maintenance. 


The first stage of a Municipal Tree Inventory has been completed.  Vital information is being assessed to guide future planting regarding tree canopy coverage, most resilient species and allowing for the STC to actively pursue funding through government grants. 


You can support the efforts of the Ridgewood Shade Tree Commission by attending meetings and volunteer to join the STC.  Currently monthly meetings (held on the second Tuesday at the Municipal Center Garden Room, 7:30 pm) are virtual.  Attend public Village Council meetings and support full funding of the Park/Shade Tree Department’s annual budget for tree planting and maintenance. 


For further information about the STC and current issues and concerns, contact Carolyn Jacoby, [email protected] 


Be sure to join the FB Group, Sustainable Ridgewood and look for STC updates. 


To find out more about planting trees in the community click here on the OUR TREES. 


After several decades of low Village priority a group of community members worked to increase awareness of the decline in the health and number of shade trees in the Village. Their efforts eventually resulted in the Village Council appointing a Shade Tree Commission in 2014. In fact, this was a reestablishment of a Shade Tree Commission which had prospered is the 30’s-50’s and was responsible for planting most of the trees we now enjoy.

The Ridgewood Shade Tree Commission has been officially recognized by the state.  Our Community Forestry 5 Year Plan was approved January 2017.  This approved status will allow us to apply for grants to maintain and plant shade trees.  Currently we are planning on surveying all Village street trees. There are over 10,000. This inventory will indicate species, size, age, condition, exact location and also inform us about empty spaces in need of planting.

The Shade Tree Department is responsible for the maintenance and care of approximately 15, 000 Village owned street trees on 100 miles of public ways, as well as additional trees and shrubs in parks and on other public grounds. This includes all aspects, such as removal, planting, and pruning. The Shade Tree Department does a tree planting for Arbor Day, which is usually the last Friday in April. The division currently offers a memorial tree/bench program to honor the memory of a friend or family member.

How To Get Involved

There are general guidelines and regulations such as recommended trees, planting locations and setbacks which apply to planting Shade Trees. The STC is in the process of developing additional materials to encourage successful planting or replacing shade trees. This guideline helps residents know the steps to take in order to request the planting of a Shade Tree:


  1. Request a town tree – a limited number of trees is planted by the Village each year.
  2. Adopt-a-Tree program
  3. Encourage involvement of community groups in tree planting/adopting programs.


In order to maintain the tree canopy of the Village, the Shade Tree Commission offers a new “Adopt a Tree” program in addition to limited replacements offered annually in the Parks and Shade Tree budget.  Please find details in the link below.


Carolyn Jacoby

E: [email protected]

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